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AP Racing CP5555 vs. CP5575 brake calipers for M3 CSL

AP Racing CP5555 vs. CP5575

These two brake kits are made by AP racing for the M3 CSL (and M3 E46).

CP5555 caliper (pdf) -> link CP5555-1037
CP5575 caliper (pdf)-> link CP5575-1004

The first kit CP5555 could not fit to OEM wheels (18" M3, 19" M3 and 19" M3 CSL).
Then AP came up with the CP5575 so as it can fit to the OEM wheels.

The obvious difference is that the CP5555 caliper uses 18mm thick pads while the CP5575 caliper uses 17mm pads.
Both kits use the same discs (356mm x 32mm) and the same disc part number.

I have printed the wheel clearance guides, cut them and draw them so as we can see the difference.
There is difference between the caliper and the wheel spokes clearance, while the "diameter" of the CP5555 is not larger, it's exactly the same.