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M3 CSL and Ohlins TTX race suspension

The below shows how I had put together an Ohlins TTX kit for the E46 M3 CSL.
It was probably the first one installed to an E46, let alone a CSL.
I had to remove the suspension as road certification would be a very time consuming and costly process.

The fronts were TTX46 MT MKII (the part number from the 320si WTCC) and the rears TTX40 MKII.


Made from aluminium, they were quite light.




Rear dampers

Very light too.


I had used Ground Control front top mounts, AST rear top mounts, Eibach springs.
The front anti roll bar drop links are Ground Control.
The front springs are 130N/mm and the rear 80N/mm.

The calculations were spot on and the car sat just 1cm lower front & rear.
The clearance at the front is 11cm and rear 13cm.
The car had static SAG at the front 6cm and rear 3.5cm.





A photo demonstrating the ride height - 1cm lower than stock.



And some numbers.

Front OEM damper with spring and top mount 6 kg.
Ohlins with spring, with helper and top mount 4.8kg.

Rear OEM Damper with spring and top mount 5.8kg.
Ohlins with spring and top mount 2.65kg.

So that's 1.2kg unsprung weight reduction on each of the front wheels and 3.2kg on each of the rear wheels.
Also, a total 8.8kg weight reduction.