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A long overdue post as I did this work back in April... I was getting the car ready to do a trackday at the Ring, but then I decided to take the M5 instead as it was raining. I had decided to replace the conrod bearings as proactive maintenance. The car had 112800 km. Now it has 115k km and still runs strong. I started by removing the front subframe.

I bought from Ebay the tool to hold the engine.

But before we continue, check these original BMW workshop tools my brother got me :thumbs:

This one is to fill in oil in gearboxes / differentials and its very precise and you can use all the oil without wasting any of it.

Here we can see the mighty crankshaft. The engine is super clean inside. The 3k km oil changes are the reason behind it :whistle:

I know what you are thinking, why is the crankshaft blue / purple ? Don't worry, it's normal for some of these as they were heat treated from the factory.

The bearings were not too bad, but not too great either. I think timing was good.

In more detail #1






While doing all this work, I changed the leaking steering rack hose

And the engine mounts - look the difference !

And did the valve clearance again. Only 1 valve was slightly off :thumbs:

Also, I changed the sparkplugs and the coil packs - also proactive maintenance. All this was great but then I thought, it's good if I do this modification I always wanted to do. Some carbon scavenged by a crashed Lamborghini GT3 racecar in Hockenheim. The aluminium bolt is from a N54 engine.... because CSLs are meant to be light.

Here with the oil catch tank.

And mounted. The hoses are nice silicon ones.

The catch tank works great.